ResiDental, LLC is a unique onsite dental hygiene service for nursing home residents of the Upstate region of South Carolina. When dependent adults are no longer able to get out into the community for professional dental care, a registered dental hygienist can visit them in their own environment to provide basic preventive and therapeutic dental hygiene care.

The U.S. Surgeon General proclaimed in 2000 that “Oral Health is integral to general health; you cannot be healthy without oral health.” Scientific research has discovered connections between oral infections and heart disease, lung infections, and diabetes. A clean, comfortable mouth is not only essential in battling tooth decay and gum disease; it promotes better nutrition and weight maintenance, fights pneumonia, and is just more pleasant.

ResiDental, LLC advocates for improved dental hygiene in long term care facilities through staff in-services, continuing education for medical and dental professionals, and involvement in community projects that enhance quality of life for seniors. It offers guidance to nursing home administration in identifying oral health problems among their residents and designing strategies to better address unmet needs. Free oral health seminars are also presented to groups such as senior centers and Hospice volunteers.

ResiDental, LLC is an innovative service that enhances the total health of those requiring onsite dental care.

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